You asked, I answered:

Q:  How long have you been painting?
A:  I first started painting cartoons on my jeans in High School, I quickly graduated to walls shortly after - God love my parents and their support for my creative side.  Furniture wasn't a far leap and I had been painting it far before I was introduced to chalk paints so imagine my excitement when I found that!  Furniture to Kitchen Cabinets .... basically, the same thing only you can't move it as easily.

Q:  Why do you use Valspar Paint over Chalk Paint?  
A:  It's makes my frugal heart go pitter patter, it can be made to any color under the sun and it is Oil Enriched, giving the benefits of an oil-based paint without the smell or tedious cleanup.

Q:  How long does it take?
A:  It generally takes 5-7 businesses days.  You should expect to see me no less than 5 times at roughly 4 hour intervals - depends on the size of your kitchen and the color you select.  Some whites take extra time and weather can play havoc on dry times and could extend our timeline as well. 

Q:  Do I really have to remove all contents of my Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers?
A:  Yes.  If you don't remove it, you could have a little dust film over whatever you leave and while I am very careful I did knock over a votive cup left in a cabinet once.  And you know what else...this is the PERFECT time to clean out your cabinets and purge.

Q:  How much do you charge?
A.  This varies based from Kitchen to Kitchen based on color selection, size of kitchen, condition of cabinets and desired look.  The best thing to do is request a quote and send me photos of your kitchen. 

Q:  How do we pay you?
A:  I gladly accept Cash or Check.  Half is due at time of booking to hold your date on my calendar.  The remaining balance is due upon completion.

Q: Will you paint my Dresser?
A:  Of course!  I am happy to provide a quote for any piece of furniture, BUT you have to bring it to me. 

Q:  How quickly can you get me in?
A:  This depends on how much I have going on, but I will do my best to work within your schedule.  This may include creative calendaring.  

Q:   Will you help me pick out a color?
A:   I would be happy to.  This can often be an exhaustive task and I am happy to help you narrow it down. 

Q:  How long does the paint take to dry?
A:  Valspar Cabinet Enamel Paint will dry in about an hour to the touch, and have hardened significantly in 3-4 days.  BUT according to the instructions it takes a 4 days to cure. What this means to you is to just be ginger with your new cabinets.  Use the knobs and pulls, be careful of zippers, buttons and watch those fingernails when grabbing at the pulls.