Jamie did an outstanding job on our kitchen cabinets! She was very professional and did quick work with a very competitive price. Thanks to her, we love our kitchen again!


Why Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Because it is far cheaper than replacing them.

Considering painting your Kitchen Cabinets?  I am going to spill the can sorta speak and tell you how and what I use so that YOU can paint yours...or hire me! What makes me qualified to do so?  Your confidence in my abilities to do just that.

Painting your kitchen cabinets is by far the fastest and most economical way to transform them from dated and dull to a smashingly fantastic room you want to be in - assuming you do it right.  Much like any other DIY Project, there are many many many ways to achieve this.  On this page (and subsequent pages) I am going to share my process, tips and techniques of MY PREFFERED METHOD.  Is it a one size fits all?  Not by a landslide, but it is tested, tried and has a successful track record.  In a perfect world, it would look something like this.

Note:  I lovingly bring your cabinet doors to the comforts of my home studio for painting.  This enables me to apply multiple coats of paint without having to pack a suitcase and live in your home for a week.  If YOU decide to DIY this yourself...procure a few tables and use plastic cups as risers.