Jamie is so amazing! She has great suggestions to help your home improvement project get started. Jamie was meticulous with her work and made my kitchen an even happier place with my “new”, cheerful cabinets. Jamie’s fun personality is the cherry on top!


my 'Go-to' items

After trying out a few dozen options I like these:

1.  Valspar Cabinet Enamel Paint - It is only available at Lowes.  A gallon will set you back $54, a Quart is $28.  This Oil Enriched Paint can be mixed to ANY color you can dream up. Most cabinets only require one gallon - just to give you an idea of coverage.  This paint is thinner than most paints and is best applied in multiple thin layers using a foam roller.  Note:  It will drip if you apply it too thick | It will remove previous coats if you don't allow proper dry time. 

2.  4" Foam Roller - I love these little guys. I think it goes without saying, but you need a handle and one of those containers to put the paint in.

3.  Short handled Purdy Brush - great for nabbing that area under the counter, baseboards, trim, the bits next to appliances and alongside the walls.

4.  Small detail brush - angled brushes work best but any will do, these little guys are paramont in covering those hard to reach spots the foam roller and purdy are too big for. I usually pick up a Craftsmart pack of brushes from Michaels.

5.  Painters Tape - I have a fairly steady hand and do not tape everywhere.  I feel painters tape gives you a false sense of security as the paint oozes under and leaves you with muttled lines.  Yes, I know there are tricks to avoid this, but I vote steady hand.  I only use this to block areas I am most likely going to accidently hit with the foam brush:  appliances, shelves, the inside lip of the cabinet.  I also use this to mark the cabinet doors so I know where they go when I am finished and ready to install.

6.   Drop Cloth - this gives me a place I can put my things and not feel bad about it.  Fun little side note I am one with a paint brush and my spidey senses tingle when paint drips. I quickly wipe this up with my finger and swipe it on my clothes.  Professional, right?

7.  Papertowels - a damp papertowel wipes away any accidental drippage that requires more than a finger swipe.

8.  120 Sandpaper - I use this to rough up the surface and help dislodge any kitchen spoodge.  We all have kitchen spoodge.  Don't feel bad about it, I won't judge you, promise.

9.  Pink Sponge - After dusting the sand away with a papertowel, I use these pretty little pink sponges to degrease and ensure no dust is present before any paint even thinks about making a debut.

10.  Degreaser - I have a bottle of concentrated commercial grade cleaner that I use.  Ultimately you want to use something that will cleanse and NOT leave a residue.  Residue equals paint not properly adhering and could lead to unsightly spotting and pealing.

11.  Ziploc Bags - I store my paint brushes in ziploc bags while not in use and to store hardware.

12.  Permanent Marker - great for marking cabinet doors and drawers so there are no guessing games when putting things back.  

13.  Ladder - ya know...for those hard to reach places.

14.  Press and Seal - works like a charm to cover the paint tray when not in use. Or to line your paint tray with for easy clean up.

Side Note:  I am not paid to say any of that.  These are my honest and completely unbias opinions.